Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your classic two-fer

I realize I've been absolutely terrible about updating the blog with progress, so today everyone gets a double.  Since my last update I've had both the 6 and 9 week check ins and with that...here we go.

March 24th : Week 6 check in

Weighed in at 149lbs.  Down a pound from our first check in.  While the weight was initially concerning, the subsequent measurements made me feel much better about the work I had put in.  After being pinched half a dozen times, my body fat came out at 9.25%, down from 11.23% in week three.  For those keeping score at home that equates to a loss of 3.9lbs of fat and a gain of 2.9lbs of muscle. 

Unfortunately I do not have pictures from week three as they've been misplaced.  However, they didn't differ a great deal from the week three photos. 

April 15th : Week 9 check in

Weighed in at 149lbs again.  Body fat measured at 8.68%, equating to roughly one pound each of fat lost and muscle gained.

The time between the week six and week nine check ins was tough.  I spent one of those weeks on the road, and during the other two my workouts were less focused.  Not making excuses, because while it is challenging to maintain a workout schedule while traveling I'm still responsible for maximizing what is available to me. 

At the end of the day, progress is progress and getting down to 8% in the next three weeks feels very achievable.  I'm taking a little different approach to these last few weeks, focusing my workouts primarily on heavy heavy heavy.  It reflects one final push to add on a couple lbs of lean muscle to really push down my body comp. 

And here I am as of today...if you look back at past pictures you'll see there's not a huge difference.  My measurements indicate this as well, I've gained size in my arms and chest/back and slimmed down more on my waist.  Legs, while stronger remain relatively the same size.

Anywho...three more weeks and then we'll get to see an official before and after comparison.  Then I'll have to think of something else to not write about :)