Saturday, March 3, 2012

And the results are in!

Well we wrapped the check-in this morning, and here are the results...

3 weeks ago I measured up at 151lbs and 15.32% body fat.  That constitutes my baseline

This morning first things first, I stepped on the scale.  I had a moment of sadness when I saw my weight at 148.  If you recall, my target weight at the end of this challenge is 162lbs.  BUT, I reminded myself that the other aspect of my goal was to lean up as well, so some weight loss was to be expected at a certain point. 

We began taking our measurements, getting pinched over and over again...chest, abdominal, subscapular, the list goes on.  Jairo, Lin's brother, lends his expertise in the matter for which I'm very thankful.  Anywho, once all measurements were taken, three times as a matter of fact, my results were very encouraging. 

148lbs and 11.28% body fat.  That's 6.4lbs of fat lost and 3.4lbs of muscle gained in just three weeks.  I have a ways to go as far as packing on the lean muscle, but if I'm able to gain 3.4lbs every three weeks I'll be in the hunt to hit my target. 

I'm exceptionally pleased with my progress, and very happy with the chosen routines and supplements!  I felt re-energized after seeing the results, and am excited to work hard for our next check-in, three weeks from today.  :)

Somebody needs some sun!


  1. Wow! Every time I see your numbers after only 3 weeks I can't help but be very impressed over and over again. You burned more than 6 pounds of fat! And it does show -looking great! ;-)

  2. Nice!! But can we talk about how incredibly white you are...I am not use to be being tanner then you ;)