Friday, March 2, 2012

A showdown looms

Tomorrow marks the first milestone in The Challenge...weigh-ins, measurements, and pictures.  Three weeks down, nine to go.  Given the day ahead I would like to set the scene...

The bathroom at Lin's apartment serves as the battleground for this epic face-off.  As I press the door open it moans almost as is if it's not moved since my last visit some three weeks passed.  Although the door's complaints are loud and clear it ultimately gives way, slowly allowing the morning light to creep in, painting the scene of the impending showdown between man and scale.  In the expanding light I can make out the silhouette of my opponent...silently waiting, unwavering in its stance.

My first steps into the devil's playground bring about a faint aroma, one familiar and reminiscent of the good times long since removed by the strain and pressures of The Challenge.  This scent, Dove cucumber and green tea body wash, while normally comforting and kind, does little to ease the tension coursing through my veins. 

I take a step forward, and then another.  The room is eerily still, the silence deafening.  I pause briefly, allowing my eyes to follow a "tumbleweed" of dryer lint as it wistfully dances across the floor in front of me.  The sight serves as a sobering reminder of the emptiness of this place, and yet I continue forward.  A third step, a fourth, fifth...all possible because of relentless preparation, razor sharp focus, and unmatched drive and determination...or is it fear and nerves?  Regardless of the reason, I march ahead.

I reach my destination and face an opponent that, given it's deep rooted presence in my daily thoughts, has become more familiar to me than my closest friends.  I place my right foot squarely on the face of this most unforgiving fiend.  A deep breath.  Left foot.  My knees feel weak and yet I know my stance is solid as a rock.  I've trained hard for this exact moment, and as I look down I see the scale has kicked off what could be its own offensive.  

The wheel jumps, bouncing back and forth bringing with it feelings of torment and rejoice.  Holding steady I await the worst the scale can throw my way, knowing it's simply a matter of time before it shows its true face.  The movement slows and my anticipation swells.  I find that as the wheel is coming to its final resting place my eyes drift upwards.  Nervous yet confident, hopeful yet reserved. 

Slowly my head begins its descent, my eyes focus in on the scale's display sitting motionless, staring back without emotion.  My heartbeat is amplified as I see its final reading.

To be continued...

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