Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tonight's the night!

It's leg day at the gym, and I am going to say it right now...

I will knock out my 1.5 mile run in 10:45 or less tonight. 

I've still not cracked the 11 minute mark as I learned the hard way recently that the treadmill won't go any faster than 10mph, as such I was able to finish my last run in 11:02 although I could have run faster had I been allowed.  15 seconds feels like a pretty big drop in time, but dammit...I'm doing it.  This whole warm up run has plagued me from day one, but no mas!

Until next time, cheers!


10:45 on the button!  Thankfully the Pro Club has some better treadmills because I had to jam it out at 11.5mph for the last half lap to get it done.  

On another note, Lin has already met her goals...after just 3 weeks!  She gets to ease off a bit which makes me jealous a bit.  :)  A little extra motivation never hurt!   

1 comment:

  1. Haha! You still kicked my butt at the treadmill. And I'm not at peace until I can conquer that mile and a half of bittersweet sweat...
    On hitting the other goals, special thanks to the best training buddy ever: Phil, our trainer (Bernard), Jairo (a bodybuilder brother always comes in handy), IsaDelights (sweet little pieces of heaven), IsaLean Choco Shake (Heaven #2), Ionix Supreme (most needed energy to train as hard as we have), and IsaNatural Accelerator (for the help removing the fat faster). Great team work!