Saturday, February 11, 2012

36-24-36...if only I was 5'3"!

Okay, we're just a couple days away from the official start of...The Challenge 2012.  Tell me that isn't the most creative name you've ever heard.  I put a lot of effort into naming it, 2.13 seconds at least. 

We took care of some "administrative" stuff today, initial weigh ins, measurements, and before pictures.  We also met with a trainer to go over some of the workout plans and discussed some goals, this "administrative" discussion turned into a 90 minute workout that knocked me on my butt!  It's always humbling when you take on something different, and while I could write of the countless fitness cliches for the next hour, I'll just go with the tried and true...No Pain, No Gain. 

My measurements were about where I expected them to be, though my weight has fallen off a bit:  152lbs & 14.6% body fat.  I was hoping for a higher weight to push down the comp %, but no dice.  With all the measurements taken, it was time to set goals.  Here they are in bright yellow, so I can't forget them, accidentally of course. 

12 weeks of "fun" = Phil @ 162-165lbs & 8% body fat 

We're headed to Sports Authority to get some more resistance bands and goodies.  I've got a lot of this stuff at home, but we used some cool stuff today that I wouldn't mind having at the ready as well.

With Monday looming there's a part of me that thinks overindulgence is almost required today and tomorrow...we'll see if I can carry through with that one! 


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