Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pre-spring Cleaning

It's day three of the challenge, I'm starting my days with a supplement that's loaded with natural vitamins and minerals and is intended to, among other things, help battle stress and increase energy throughout the day.  I can honestly say I've had more energy the past two days than any time in recent memory.  We'll see how much of it is related to the initial rush and excitement of the challenge...regardless, I love the extra energy!

I've also been chugging down some meal replacement shakes, though given my goals they're more like between meal shakes.  It's been very easy to incorporate them in the morning, serving as my breakfast.  9 out of 10 doctors say it's the most important meal of the day, the 10th doesn't really count because...well, because I'm trying to make a point.  

I've done my best to amplify my workouts this week, hitting it hard and sticking to the challenges presented to me by our training consultant Bernard.  I shift gears a bit tomorrow as I'll start day one of a two-day cleanse.  I'm excited, and a bit nervous, having never gone through a cleanse before.  Luckily I've been very diligent this year about drinking lots and lots of water, a key to the cleanse process.  Rest assured I'll be updating the blog, if for no other reason to keep myself busy in the time that I'm not eating.  :)

So far so great!  It's early yet, but I feel very confident in my/our ability to knock this challenge out of the park!


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