Friday, February 17, 2012

Cleanliness is next to...hungriness

The cleanse is a little more than half over, and while I'm feeling pretty good this morning I'm definitely looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.  Yesterday was full of ups and downs, with the last part of the evening being the hardest.  I did find it was amazing how the little snacks I was allowed throughout the day would instantly give me a boost, both in energy and spirit.  The cleanse schedule is laid out pretty well, providing these snack breaks fairly evenly over the course of the day.  The cleanse liquid itself is pretty tasty, good thing since I have to drink it four times a day.  :)

One thing that has surprised me thus far is the amount of energy I've actually maintained given the limited calories I've consumed thus far.  Granted, I haven't been bouncing off the walls, but there hasn't been any feelings of crashing or debilitating fatigue either.  Set aside the grumbling stomach and it's actually been okay physically. 

I guess with any challenge that one takes on, half the battle, or more, is psychological.  This cleanse process is certainly no exception.  There is always temptation, and having a support system is integral.  I think anyone taking on a challenge like this is wise to establish that support system from the onset, share your goals, create rewards, create accountability.  We are working towards specific goals, and have specific rewards tied to achieving those goals.  I keep those in crystal clear focus at all times.   

I understand and appreciate the importance of building upon a clean slate and just really looking forward to getting back to building process!  We're on a 3 week update schedule, so we'll take our first "during" pictures in a couple weeks...the anticipation is palpable already. 

So everyone not on a cleanse, enjoy your meals today for me!! 


It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.


  1. Wait, where are the winning lotto numbers?!
    P.S. Cleansing sounds way too intense for me. I'd rather go on way-too-long runs and eat :)

    1. 2,17,39,40,52,26

      It's tough for sure, but someone likened to buying the best, freshest raspberries you can find and then storing and eating them out of an ashtray.

      Hopefully my raspberries will be stored in some fancy crystal after this...or at the very least, a hand-washed Martha Stewart bowl.